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His father was convicted in June 2012 on 45 counts of sexually abusing boys over a number of years and sentenced to between 30 and 60 years in prison in a closely watched case that sullied Pennsylvania State University's reputation and rocked the world of college football. Jerry Sandusky, 73, was a former assistant football coach at long-time college football power Penn State, and some of his abuse took place on the campus, plunging the school into scandal after the abuse became widely known. He is appealing the conviction. Matt Sandusky, another adopted son of the former coach, has accused Jerry Sandusky of sexually abusing him when he was a foster child before he was adopted. Police began investigating Jeffrey Sandusky last November, according to the criminal complaint, which did not identify the girls. One of the girls saved text messages from Jeffrey Sandusky seeking naked pictures in March 2016 and showed them to her father, who complained to the police, according to the police account. Jeffrey Sandusky, who had defended his father as innocent in a 2015 interview, appeared in court on Monday and bail was set at $200,000, according to court filings. His lawyer Lance Marshall declined to comment, and court records indicated that Sandusky had not posted bail and remained hop over to here in custody. The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections said Sandusky had been suspended from his job at a prison in Rockview. One of the girls said she was 16 when Sandusky asked for pictures of her breasts, telling her "it's not weird because he studied medicine," according to a police summary of the exchanges. He continued to pester her via text messages for pictures over two days.

If you're serious about building a tiny house, you'll first need to find out if they're allowed on property under your city or county's zoning ordinances. Many municipalities set minimum square-footage requirements or have tough building codes that make construction of the pint-size homes impossible within their geographic boundaries. Some, though, make exceptions if they'll be placed on a parcel that also has a larger house on it. Assuming you don't have much construction experience, you may need to hire an architect and professional contractor to build the house. A money-saving option, though, would be to buy one of the small "kit homes" that are readily available from many websites for as little as $5,000. All of the pre-cut wood and other basic parts of the home will be shipped to you in large crates, which can then be assembled in much the same way that children construct a home with plastic Lego bricks or the popular Lincoln Logs wooden toy sets. Perhaps the most authoritative source for folks who want more information is the Florida-based American Tiny House Association ( One of the better books on the issue is the second edition of Dan S. Louche's "Tiny House Design & Construction Guide," which still can be purchased for about $25 at many bookstores or from websites like and Real estate trivia: Spur, Texas (pop.

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